Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Customer Support Technology

Customers must have a way to get in touch with company representatives when they need support with a product or service. Advances in communication technology provide customers with technological options to meet their needs more effectively and efficiently.

1. Interactive Voice Response
Many companies use interactive voice response systems, or IVR, to assist customers who call the company for support. IVR works through a telephone interface that allows the customer to "speak" to the recorded voice on the other end. IVRs provide customers with multiple options for the type of support they require. Sometimes customers can have all of their support needs met using IVRs.

2.Website Chats
Many companies have webpages that customers can visit online to obtain the technical support they need. Not only do websites offer a frequently asked questions page, but some companies even provide chat seminars in which customers can participate in a live chat with technical support staff. In a live chat forum, customers simply type their questions to the support staff, and the staff will reply with a typed message.

3. Remote Computer Support
If customers need support with their computers, special technology companies can virtually and remotely access the customers' device and fix it themselves. This method relies on an Internet connection. According to Technology News, customers contact the support technicians by phone or Internet, and the technicians use the Internet to connect to the customer's computer. The technician then troubleshoots the problem while the customer watches on his end of the computer screen.

Source : ehow